We sell aluminum water bottles to reduce wasteful use of single-use plastic and at the same time, rid the river of foreign contamination

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 UPSTREAM was founded in 2019 by a high school student with a simple goal -  to improve the quality of our local waters. 

Nate Schone, the founder, is a big outdoors man.  He recalls years outside on the water fishing, hunting, swimming just making memories, but over those years, he also took notice to the declining health of the waterways.  

According to The Ocean Clean Up, up to 2.41 tons of plastic and garbage that enters the oceans annually is from our rivers.  This litter contributes to large abscesses nicknamed "plastic islands".

In today's world, pollution is becoming a huge problem in our waters.  The first thought is the oceans, but not many people consider our rivers.




Phone #: (815)-293-7679

Based at: Oregon High School #220

Upstream sells water bottles for people  to reuse.  This can contribute to a less wasteful lifestyle, and on top of that, we remove a 5 gallon bucket of trash and plastic from the river.  From there, we separate the trash from the plastic and dispose of each properly.  The trash gets thrown away, and the recyclables are given to a partner who sends it all to a recycling plant in Madison, WI.  Here in Oregon, IL,we have the Rock River.  It starts in Wisconsin, and flows through Illinois where it eventually joins with the Mississippi River.  We have a large amount of build up  our shores and even have our own plastic islands that flow through.  So hopefully we can start here to make a healthier environment.